My DIY Budgeting system.

I have been using my own unique online DIY budgeting methods for several years now. I don’t have the Excel program. I decided instead to use Openoffice. I create regular documents via Openoffice. I record my data in text format and I use numerical figures too. I then convert the file to PDF format.

I use bullet points, underscore and bold in pertinent segments of my entries. My budgeting system works well for me seeing that I am not great at math/maths – UK definition. I can study my past entries and I can analyze the data to see how I am spending my money and to forecast future expenditures etc. I had originally titled this page: My Accounting system. One of my relatives, an accountant, told me that my system is more of a budgeting system rather than an accounting system. I thank him for his advice. )

It depends on which learning approach is best for each individual. My methods are cost effective. Here is a PDF I had typed up on this topic. spreadsheet advantages



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