University definition and research universities – my PDF on this subject.

I have created a PDF on the subject above. It’s for one of my web projects, DIY U. I will provide a link to the new website below. The site is new so please be aware that it doesn’t have many pages at present. One of the patterns you will come to recognize in this website, DIY U and my other sites, is creativity.

Here is a link to the PDF.

Here is a link to my DIY U website.

I have used the unique .one domain extension for my site. I believe it fits with the site as this is the first site of its kind in the world. I like the short and easy to remember domain name too.

Why I don’t need to use flashy websites for my independent consulting and life coaching service offerings.

I don’t have to use flashy, top of the line websites to deliver my independent consulting and life coaching work through. I am operating on a shoestring budget after all. I use WordPress and I use Google sites at present. I like these platforms. They work well for me.

Here is a PDF file I had created the other day. It gives more info on this particular topic. I hope that this PDF will motivate aspiring consultants and coaches to create their own websites etc.

My Google sites website for Ato consulting dot com.

I have converted my regular Google sites website for Ato consulting dot com into a Google sites website with a custom domain name. I have added a number 1 to the domain name. I did this because I already own the web domain name. This website is under the aforementioned .com web domain name.

Here is a link to the website.

You can find a link to my Google blog for Ato consulting dot com 1 in the site above. I will provide a link here too :

Remote Influencer yoga meditation.

A meditation session taking place at the end of a yoga session

I have created a new and highly creative yoga meditation system : Remote Influencer yoga. I will provide a link to my Google blog for Remote Influencer yoga and to the link for my Facebook page as well. I can consult with clients / potential clients for Remote Influencer yoga through this site too.

This would fall under the ‘other’ business services of Ato consulting dot com. Remote Influencer yoga meditation is a powerful tool to add to the performance improvement toolkit of Ato consulting dot com. I didn’t add the word meditation to the web domain name as the domain name would have been way too long if I had added that word.

How I had directed a cousin to my Youtube channel via Whatsapp.

I had created a new Youtube channel for Project The Remote Influencer in November 2020. I do not have a custom url for this channel as I don’t have enough views, followers of the channel at present. I am not too concerned about becoming popular on Youtube. I will provide a link to the channel later in the post. My first post for the channel was about my prediction for the US presidential election that had taken place on November 3rd 2020. My prediction proved to be accurate. I had shot the video on the morning of the election, UK time. However, I did not place the video onto my channel until about 5 days after the election. The video was shot on November 3rd 2020. I had shown my phone date and time in the video to prove that I had shot the video on November 3rd 2020.

A few days ago I was on the phone with my cousin via Whatsapp. I mentioned my Youtube channel for Project The Remote Influencer to my cousin. I told him about one of the videos I had shot for the aforementioned channel. I asked him to go to the Youtube channel and to then type in : Project The Remote Influencer. He found my channel and he viewed the video in mention. I was impressed with this interaction. I had felt like a product demonstrator and/or an online tech support agent in some ways. I am going to start using this creative method when I speak to people in public, about my Youtube channel. I have 2 Youtube channels. I am focusing on my Project The Remote Influencer channel at this time though.

Here is a link to my Youtube channel.

My analysis of the following 4 Banks.

I use Halifax, Lloyds, Natwest and most recently, Santander as my secondary banks. I decided to open these secondary bank accounts as it helps me with my budgeting. I have online payments and standing order payments that come out of my bank accounts every month, as do most people. I have found that I am better able to manage these payments through the utilization of the secondary bank accounts.

One common advantage that is shared by the four banks above, is : I was able to open these accounts online without having to go into the branch of each of these banks. This makes sense now. Especially since we are going through the Covid 19 pandemic. I originally had bank accounts with all of the aforementioned banks, with the exception of Santander. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I didn’t need to set up new payments for my secondary Natwest account. The existing payments from my original Natwest account, can be used for my new Natwest account.

I am impressed with the ease of use of the online banking feature for Santander. Their site is easy to navigate and it is efficient as well. I use my laptop computers for my online banking duties. Santander, Lloyds, Halifax allow users to name their accounts. I am not sure if Natwest offers this feature or not. Halifax and Lloyds bank offer multiple savings pots. These are handy as you are able to save for specific things etc through these accounts. You can also set up payments via these accounts. These accounts do not offer debit cards. However, it doesn’t matter too much as these accounts can help with your bill payments and with budgeting too. Once you have money placed into those accounts for a specific purpose, you know that you will not spend money from those accounts until you have paid off what you were planning to pay off.

Mrs. Fields Cookies first business plan.

I had lived in the USA for just over 16 years. I came back to the UK in February 2006. I used to enjoy my visits to the Mrs. Fields cookies store in the mall near where I had lived. The cookies were great. These stores were popular to say the least.

Debbi Fields is the founder of Mrs. Fields cookies. I had found out through research, that Debbi Fields did not originally have a formal business plan when she first started her venture. I will add a link to a PDF article which provides info on this topic. I have placed yellow highlights in the pertinent segment.

Here is the link to the PDF file.

I don’t believe it is always necessary to have a business plan when first starting a venture. I think that would be business owners get turned off the idea of starting their venture due to the stress caused by the thought of having to create a business plan. I will write more about this topic in future posts.

Remote Selling and viral PDF files.

PDF files play a big part in Ato Consulting Dot com. I will write more about PDF in future posts. I had created a PDF sales and marketing tool several years ago. I call it a tool as I see it as a tool which could facilitate a closed sale. The PDF in mention relates to a self-defense weapon called Koga SD1 made by Cold Steel. You don’t have to be into martial arts and self-defense in order to gain knowledge and insights from my post.

I had added my web site urls plus my email addresses in the PDF file. I included a link to a Youtube video I had shot on the Koga SD1 product. This video has been viewed over 6,000 times to date. The info I had added in the PDF, plus my video, could translate to increased sales of the Koga SD1. The PDF could easily be shared among many, many people. This is one of the great advantages of digital products. I will create more of these types of PDF files over the course of time.

Here are 2 links to my Koga SD1 PDF file. One is from my Google drive and the other is from my Amazon drive. They’re both the same file. I just wanted to give you a choice.