The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution – TRICS, another field entirely.


Independent consultants exist across industries and areas of expertise. These workers can be graphic designers, IT professionals, writers, procurement specialists, or in another field entirely – the consultant is limited only by their ability to have a clearly articulated area of expertise that can be packaged and sold to clients.


My TRICS – The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution offers consulting services blended in with my Remote Influencing system into one powerful combination. It would fall under Remote Influencing (RI) consulting. The Remote Influencer – TRI is an archetype of the future. I am providing a consulting solution based upon elements of HR learning and development consulting, coaching and training, personal development, spirituality, self-help, along with my RI system: TRICS – the full name when it is all put together. Other elements may be incorporated into TRICS over the course of time, as TRICS is evolving. It is not limited nor is it bound by dogma.

When you read the definition above, from MBO partners, you will see that TRICS would fall under the ‘another field entirely,’ category. 

I will be providing my Remote Influencing (RI) consulting services through this web site and through my site. TRICS would fall under the RI consulting banner. TRICS or The Remote Influencer consulting solution, is the full name of the solution. TRICS as with the other consulting services I am providing through this site, will be delivered online via E – consulting. ( I am sorry that the text in this post is different to the text above. I had copied and pasted the text above from a file I had created. I am not sure how to fix it. )

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