My offer of Pro-Bono and/or paid consulting work for Deontay Wilder, WBC Heavyweight champion of the world.


In the photo above, you see Deontay Wilder, WBC – World Boxing Council, Heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Deontay does not receive the credit he deserves for the work he does in the boxing ring. Deontay was going to be facing Anthony Joshua. The fight didn’t go through. Anthony Joshua’s promoted by Eddie Hearn. Hearn had sent Deontay and his team an incomplete and unfair contract. Hearn had recently sent another contract. The second contract was worse than the first one. Hearn and his team have been trying their best to make it look like Deontay is reluctant to face Joshua.

Deontay has Shelly Finkel as his promoter. He also has Al Haymon on his team. Shelly Finkel has been in the boxing hall of fame for his promotion work. He has worked with some great champions. His experience is vast too. I won’t go deep into these areas as it can all be found online. Deontay Wilder has decided to face Tyson Fury instead of Joshua at this present time. Tyson Fury is the lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He has not lost a fight in the ring. The negotiations for the proposed Wilder vs Fury fight are on going. However, the negotiations are going very well, unlike the Hearn fiasco as mentioned above. If Tyson Fury wins his August 18th fight against Pianeta, he will then be able to face Wilder in November or December of 2018.

I have typed up a PDF short report for my consulting service offerings for Deontay Wilder. I will place the PDF into my Facebook group pages.

My consulting report has 6 areas I would like Deontay Wilder to work in:

  • Self Directed Learning
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Yoga

I have shared 3 of the areas above. I will share the remaining three areas with Deontay Wilder and his team. The 6 areas can all be undertaken through self directed learning approaches. My short report writes about the benefits of self directed learning and how it can be of great benefit to Deontay Wilder. My work will be delivered online via E – consulting methods.  If Deontay follows my recommendations, he will see how great he can be. I have been placing posts on Deontay Wilder’s Facebook page under my personal account and through my Facebook business page: The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution.

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