Undercover Urban Street Soldiers, physical security solution offering.




I had worked as a security guard many years back during my time in the silicon valley area of California, USA, Sunnyvale. I will be offering my consulting services relating to physical security services. The name of the copyrighted solution I have created is: Undercover Urban Street Soldiers – UUSS. I came up with UUSS after I had read about the violent acts going on around the world. Do you like the photo of the Cold Steel Walkabout walking stick above? I have one of these walking sticks. They are quite formidable.

Undercover Urban Street Soldiers – UUSS is one of the basic research projects I am undertaking through Project The Remote Influencer – PTRI. It will be run as an unincorporated association. UUSS would be considered a voluntary form of private security. UUSS is a private membership organization in the form of an unincorporated association, as mentioned earlier. Our focus is directed to two areas: Private Security and the use and mastery of striking, impact weapons. We don’t wear uniforms in UUSS. We are plain clothes voluntary private security operatives.

I have two versions of UUSS available. One is for the USA and the other is for the UK. You can read the PDF files I had written up about these solutions in my Facebook group. Here’s the link.


In the UK, we are not allowed to have guns. Therefore, striking weapons would be implemented instead of guns. The photo above shows two of the striking weapons I use in the UK version of UUSS. I use other striking weapons too. I have a Youtube video which shows some of the techniques I use for the Cold Steel Koga SD1.

Here’s a link to the Youtube video.


Here is a link to my Facebook closed membership club for UUSS. It’s free to join. Just send me a request to join and I will add you to the group.




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