A is for Anand, my art piece.

My A art piece Acer notebook

I would not claim to be an artist. I do like art however. I was given a paint set by my sister as a birthday present back in July of 2016. I came up with the idea for creating a letter A art piece. It was based in part on the A symbol that was used in the Pretty Little Liars tv show. There’s a story behind my A is for Anand art piece. I will write about the story behind my A art piece in a future post.

In the photo above, you will see a jpg image of my A is for Anand art piece. I had followed some of the principles of digital art in this project of mine. I scanned the painting and I had saved the jpg image of the scan on several of my storage devices. I get quite obsessive when it comes to back ups of my work. I decided that I would prefer to sell my A is for Anand art piece as a digital art download product. I bought a printed poster of my art piece to place onto my bedroom wall.

The art piece has to be seen to be appreciated. It has some lovely looking effects in there. I did not set out to create these effects when I did the work. They seemed to happen naturally.

Here is a link to a very brief video I had shot for A is for Anand:


If you would like to buy the JPG image of my A is for Anand art piece, here’s a link to my Paypal me link.



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