Learning Times Three: My new solution.

I have come up with a new and powerful solution which I have copyrighted. The name of the learning and development solution in mention is called ‘Learning Times Three’. The key to success in life is learning. When people excel at learning, they can learn things more effectively and they can pick up things quick. This means that more advances can be made in the world and a faster rate.

Learning Times Three.

  1. Learning how to learn. (Metacognition)
  2. Acquiring and/or re-igniting your love of learning.
  3. Keep learning throughout your life.

My consulting, coaching and training services will address the 3 points above. This work will be provided online via the internet, as are most of my service and product offerings. I can also offer tuition services for these areas. This can be done through my Facebook SOTRI online tuition services page.




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