Remote E-Selling services.


I will be providing my Remote E-Selling services as part of my service offerings through Ato Consulting Dot Com. I have over 10 years of experience in telemarketing, inside sales and lead generation work.

In the above photo, you see two doctors reviewing product lines which were sent to them by E-detailing sales agents. E-detailing is: The use of electronic media to facilitate sales presentations to physicians.

I believe that E-detailing elements can be used for numerous industries. I have worked at a Biomedical company as an inside sales agent back when I had lived in the Silicon Valley. I used the phone, the internet, e-mail, fax, PDF and word documents to help facilitate the sales process at this Biomed company. I did not have to meet with potential clients in person. I had used similar tools when I had worked at a training company.

I have seen firsthand how powerful, sites such as Facebook,  and Youtube can be for influencing sales of products and services. Info and links can be sent to many users via the aforementioned platforms. These can go viral too.

My Remote E-Selling services will include the use of the internet, e-mail, Skype, PDF and other documents, social media and the phone/ cell or mobile phone. I may use other tools over the course of time.

Please feel free to contact me via email for more info on my Remote E-Selling services at:




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