Mrs. Fields Cookies first business plan.

I had lived in the USA for just over 16 years. I came back to the UK in February 2006. I used to enjoy my visits to the Mrs. Fields cookies store in the mall near where I had lived. The cookies were great. These stores were popular to say the least.

Debbi Fields is the founder of Mrs. Fields cookies. I had found out through research, that Debbi Fields did not originally have a formal business plan when she first started her venture. I will add a link to a PDF article which provides info on this topic. I have placed yellow highlights in the pertinent segment.

Here is the link to the PDF file.

I don’t believe it is always necessary to have a business plan when first starting a venture. I think that would be business owners get turned off the idea of starting their venture due to the stress caused by the thought of having to create a business plan. I will write more about this topic in future posts.

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