Remote Selling and viral PDF files.

PDF files play a big part in Ato Consulting Dot com. I will write more about PDF in future posts. I had created a PDF sales and marketing tool several years ago. I call it a tool as I see it as a tool which could facilitate a closed sale. The PDF in mention relates to a self-defense weapon called Koga SD1 made by Cold Steel. You don’t have to be into martial arts and self-defense in order to gain knowledge and insights from my post.

I had added my web site urls plus my email addresses in the PDF file. I included a link to a Youtube video I had shot on the Koga SD1 product. This video has been viewed over 6,000 times to date. The info I had added in the PDF, plus my video, could translate to increased sales of the Koga SD1. The PDF could easily be shared among many, many people. This is one of the great advantages of digital products. I will create more of these types of PDF files over the course of time.

Here are 2 links to my Koga SD1 PDF file. One is from my Google drive and the other is from my Amazon drive. They’re both the same file. I just wanted to give you a choice.

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