My e-portfolio.

I have created an e-portfolio through Google sites. I have said in my e-portfolio that the e-portfolio is a work in progress. It definitely is. I am impressed with Google sites. I hope that this service will be around for years to come. I should have created my e-portfolio years ago to be honest with you. I love how the e-portfolio can be shared so easily via the internet.

In the old days we would have to lumber physical paper based portfolios with us. E-portfolios can go viral in the same way as resumes and cvs have done. I have a few web sites and blogs. Instead of sending out info on each of the aforementioned sites, I can refer clients or potential clients my e-portfolio instead. I will be writing about my sites, blogs and business related social media pages and I will provide links to those sites via my e-portfolio.

Here is a link to my e-portfolio.

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