UTR for life.


I had worked as a freelance independent consultant on a self employed sole trader basis back in 2014. I had some health issues so I had to cease operations. I am proficient with text analysis. The above is part of the letter sent to me from HMRC regarding my Unique Taxpayer Reference number. As you can see from the inked box in the photo, my UTRI is for life. If my health improves, I can resume my independent consulting business on a full time basis.

I have kept my sites and my social media business pages going as a way to keep my mind active and in top form. I don’t want my mind to get rusty after all. As my UTR is for life, so are my independent consulting skills and knowledge. They will always be with me. I do still conduct some consulting work on a pro bono basis – 0 cost, for select businesses and individuals.

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