My School of The Remote Influencer and Remote E Warriors solutions.

I developed my system of Remote Influencing (RI) in 2002 in Sunnyvale, California, USA. I wrote a book about this system in 2008, ‘The Remote Influencer 2’. I was going to write two versions of my book. I chose the aforementioned title. If I write another version, I will title the book ‘The Remote Influencer’.

My book shows students how they can become the powerful archetype: The Remote Influencer through research, learning and training. My Remote Influencing (RI) body of knowledge is growing and evolving over the course of time. I began noticing many positive effects and results manifesting in my business and my personal life, through following my RI system. I analysed my system and came to discover that RI has within it, all that one would need in order to achieve success in all areas of life. School of The Remote Influencer – SOTRI is an online personal development school and it is a Human Resources learning and development solution too.

Remote E Warriors is an offshoot of SOTRI. Remote E Warriors focuses upon the use of the internet and pc’s for personal development. In Remote E Warriors, I have incorporated some elements of Remote Influencing (RI) into this system. It’s up to the students of REW whether they would like to add more RI into their learning or not.The choice is up to them. SOTRI and REW are also business methodologies, business improvement tools, and management systems. I don’t believe too much in labeling things. My solutions are all of these things and they are more than those things as well.

Similar in some ways to open source software, I provide support services for the PDF download products used in SOTRI and REW. This work is all done online via the internet. E- consulting plays a part in my solutions too.

Here’s a link to my Way of The Remote Influencer blog site. It provides more info on my Remote E Warriors solution. I will include a link to my Facebook Remote E Warriors page too.




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