Ato Consulting Dot Com niche service offerings.

Ato Consulting Dot Com is a boutique online HR Learning and Development consulting firm. I will be offering the following services to small and mid sized businesses. I can work with individuals too. However, my focus will be on the small to mid size business market. As you might have picked up, my firm is a one man consultancy at present. This may change in the future.

Here are my niche service offerings.

  • Remote Influencing (RI)
  • Self Directed Learning, research
  • Elements of home schooling or home education
  • Lifelong learning, informal learning
  • Project based learning
  • The DIY model
  • Self-Help
  • Distance education, e-learning

I developed a powerful Remote Influencing (RI) system back in 2002. I am adding to the Remote Influencing body of knowledge on an ongoing basis. RI is a form of personal development. Ato Consulting Dot Com is the first consulting firm in the world to have incorporated RI into its business offerings. The added inclusion of RI will boost the other offerings so as to create more powerful results at a faster rate.

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