Frisee That Much. The new Frisbee and flying disc game I have created.



I have created a new Frisbee game with the name: Frisee That Much. I used to play Frisbee when I was young. I have recently gotten back into this game or past time. As mentioned in my post on brain plasticity and physical exercise, Frisee That Much can also help to increase brain plasticity potentials as it too is a physical exercise. ( It’s the correct spelling by the way. I am referring to the word Frisee. Please read the PDF. It explains why I chose that word. )

I will attach a copyrighted PDF which provides more info on Frisee That Much. I would like to introduce this game to other countries across the globe. I kept the rules simple and straight forward for now. The rules may evolve over the course of time. However, for now, the rules will remain as they are. If you have 2 to 4 players, a frisbee or flying disc and the space to play the game at, you will have what you need to take part in this game. I use Wham O frisbees,  ultimate flying discs and other types of flying discs in Frisee That Much.

Here’s the PDF on Frisee That Much.

Frisee That Much1-H

Here is the link to my Facebook Frisee That Much private members club. I have a Google blog for Frisee That Much, too. I will provide the link below.

Its free to join the group. Just send me a request to join and I will add you.

Here are links to 3 quick videos of me playing Frisee That Much. 2 of the videos show me using the Discraft Ultrastar flying disc. The other video shows me throwing the Aerobie Superdisc.

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