My prediction for the proposed Deontay Wilder vs Dillian Whyte fight.


I am a fan of boxing and heavyweight boxing especially. In the photo above, you see a fighter named Dillian Whyte. I have had some discussions regarding Whyte via a Facebook boxing group I am a member of. One of the members of said group is an angry and bitter, ignorant person. I am going to make this individual eat his words. I have proved this clown wrong on numerous occasions. I had even proved him wrong when I had predicted that Andy Ruiz was going to stop Anthony Joshua.

Here’s my prediction for the above issue.

If and when Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte fight, Deontay Wilder will stop Whyte by the 5th round or sooner. Deontay Wilder might even stop Whyte in the first round with a right cross over the left jab, similar in ways to the fight where Deontay Wilder had stopped Dominic Breazeale with a right cross in the 1st round. Deontay Wilder is too quick, athletic and hits way too hard for the likes of Whyte. Whyte has talked a lot of trash against Deontay Wilder. Deontay Wilder is going to punish Whyte for all of the garbage he has said about him. This post here will act as evidence to prove how accurate my prediction is. Once the fight has happened, if it happens, I will share this post to various sites etc. The point I am making here in this post is: Document and keep a track of your ideas, predictions, thoughts etc. Then, when the time is right, let the world see this information. 

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