One of my early thought experiments – I had predicted Covid 19.

In 2010 I had come up with a unique thought experiment. I will add the PDF file which covers the thought experiment in this post. When you download the PDF, you can check the file properties to see the date that the file was created. It will verify that the file was indeed created in 2010. The file can prove that my prediction was accurate.

I had sensed that the world was going to suffer from a pandemic. I couldn’t sense the specific details. However, I knew that there would be a pandemic and that we would have to learn how to isolate ourselves and we would have to start working remotely. During this time, we could keep learning via the internet. That’s why I added an image of a PC and an an image of the earth as well.

Here is a link to the PDF.

My e-portfolio.

I have created an e-portfolio through Google sites. I have said in my e-portfolio that the e-portfolio is a work in progress. It definitely is. I am impressed with Google sites. I hope that this service will be around for years to come. I should have created my e-portfolio years ago to be honest with you. I love how the e-portfolio can be shared so easily via the internet.

In the old days we would have to lumber physical paper based portfolios with us. E-portfolios can go viral in the same way as resumes and cvs have done. I have a few web sites and blogs. Instead of sending out info on each of the aforementioned sites, I can refer clients or potential clients my e-portfolio instead. I will be writing about my sites, blogs and business related social media pages and I will provide links to those sites via my e-portfolio.

Here is a link to my e-portfolio.

UTR for life.


I had worked as a freelance independent consultant on a self employed sole trader basis back in 2014. I had some health issues so I had to cease operations. I am proficient with text analysis. The above is part of the letter sent to me from HMRC regarding my Unique Taxpayer Reference number. As you can see from the inked box in the photo, my UTRI is for life. If my health improves, I can resume my independent consulting business on a full time basis.

I have kept my sites and my social media business pages going as a way to keep my mind active and in top form. I don’t want my mind to get rusty after all. As my UTR is for life, so are my independent consulting skills and knowledge. They will always be with me. I do still conduct some consulting work on a pro bono basis – 0 cost, for select businesses and individuals.

Beta test for Ato consulting dot E consulting services and digital download products and services.


I am conducting a beta test for my E consulting services and for my digital download products and digital services relating to the digital download product offerings for Ato consulting dot com.

The beta test can be done in its entirety online. That’s the beauty of the internet for you.

Here’s a link to a PDF which provides more info on the beta test.

Frisee That Much. The new Frisbee and flying disc game I have created.



I have created a new Frisbee game with the name: Frisee That Much. I used to play Frisbee when I was young. I have recently gotten back into this game or past time. As mentioned in my post on brain plasticity and physical exercise, Frisee That Much can also help to increase brain plasticity potentials as it too is a physical exercise. ( It’s the correct spelling by the way. I am referring to the word Frisee. Please read the PDF. It explains why I chose that word. )

I will attach a copyrighted PDF which provides more info on Frisee That Much. I would like to introduce this game to other countries across the globe. I kept the rules simple and straight forward for now. The rules may evolve over the course of time. However, for now, the rules will remain as they are. If you have 2 to 4 players, a frisbee or flying disc and the space to play the game at, you will have what you need to take part in this game. I use Wham O frisbees,  ultimate flying discs and other types of flying discs in Frisee That Much.

Here’s the PDF on Frisee That Much.

Frisee That Much1-H

Here is the link to my Facebook Frisee That Much private members club. I have a Google blog for Frisee That Much, too. I will provide the link below.

Its free to join the group. Just send me a request to join and I will add you.

Here are links to 3 quick videos of me playing Frisee That Much. 2 of the videos show me using the Discraft Ultrastar flying disc. The other video shows me throwing the Aerobie Superdisc.

Physical and mental exercise and brain plasticity.


In the past, researchers believed that our brains were fixed. Meaning our brains were as they were and that we could not improve brain functioning etc. However, recent scientific research proves that our brains are plastic in nature. This means we can grow more brain cells and we can strengthen brain cell connections.

Brain plasticity can be enhanced through learning, mental exercise and physical exercise.

Here’s a link to an article which provides more info on this subject.

Did you like the photo of the Nerf howler ball up above? I have recently gotten into this activity. My sister and brother in law from Berkeley, California had recently visited us. My brother in law, Edward, had shown me how to throw the nerf ball. He is a great teacher. I will add a quick video below, which shows me and Edward throwing the nerf ball.





My prediction for the proposed Deontay Wilder vs Dillian Whyte fight.


I am a fan of boxing and heavyweight boxing especially. In the photo above, you see a fighter named Dillian Whyte. I have had some discussions regarding Whyte via a Facebook boxing group I am a member of. One of the members of said group is an angry and bitter, ignorant person. I am going to make this individual eat his words. I have proved this clown wrong on numerous occasions. I had even proved him wrong when I had predicted that Andy Ruiz was going to stop Anthony Joshua.

Here’s my prediction for the above issue.

If and when Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte fight, Deontay Wilder will stop Whyte by the 5th round or sooner. Deontay Wilder might even stop Whyte in the first round with a right cross over the left jab, similar in ways to the fight where Deontay Wilder had stopped Dominic Breazeale with a right cross in the 1st round. Deontay Wilder is too quick, athletic and hits way too hard for the likes of Whyte. Whyte has talked a lot of trash against Deontay Wilder. Deontay Wilder is going to punish Whyte for all of the garbage he has said about him. This post here will act as evidence to prove how accurate my prediction is. Once the fight has happened, if it happens, I will share this post to various sites etc. The point I am making here in this post is: Document and keep a track of your ideas, predictions, thoughts etc. Then, when the time is right, let the world see this information.